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Jonathon Prowse - Life Membership St George-Sutherland Regional Law Society

Congratulations to Jonathon Prowse, Director and Accredited Specialist on being inducted as a Life Member of the Law Society at the St George Sutherland Regional Law Society’s Opening of Law Term dinner on Wednesday 16 February 2022. Life Membership can be conferred by the Council of The Law Society upon any Member who holds a current practising certificate and is nominated for Life Membership by another Member of the Society.

The St George-Sutherland Regional Law Society is an incorporated association dedicated to furthering the best interests of its members and to upholding the ethical standards and public status of the legal profession.

Its members comprise current and former practising members of the NSW legal profession who work and/or live in the St George-Sutherland area and law students. Membership is open to individuals meeting these criteria.


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