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Why we make those confirmation phone calls

Protecting your security and privacy is a priority at MCW Lawyers. Confirming your bank account details is a crucial step in safeguarding your interests. Here's why we make those confirmation calls:

🔐 Security: Cyber threats are rising, and we're committed to keeping your financial information safe. By verifying your bank account details over the phone, we add an extra layer of protection against unauthorised access.

💼 Best Practices: We maintain high standards to ensure accuracy and up-to-date client information. Confirming your details helps prevent errors and demonstrates our commitment to your matter.

📲 How It Works: After receiving your bank account details in writing, we'll call you to cross-check the information. This helps us ensure accuracy and allows you to clarify any discrepancies.

⚖️ Hacking Can Occur Both Ways: If you receive an email or communication from MCW Lawyers asking for money, please take a moment to call us on 02 9589 6666. Confirm with us directly that you have the correct details before making any payment.

🙏 Your Cooperation: Promptly responding to and engaging in our verification calls helps protect your financial information. Together, we can mitigate risks, handle your matter efficiently and ensure your peace of mind.

Thank you for your trust and cooperation. If you have any questions, please get in touch here.


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