There are over 850 known franchise systems in Australia operating in 64,000 outlets and employing over 600,000 people. Approximately 5,000 new franchise units are created each year. Franchising accounts for somewhere between 10% and 12% of Australia's GDP. There are three times the number of franchise systems per capita in Australia compared to the USA.

Our franchising team has a deep working knowledge of all areas of the law relevant to franchising, including:
• The Franchising Code of Conduct
• The Competition & Consumer Act (previously known as the Trade Practices Act)
• Competition Law
• Intellectual Property Law
• General Commercial Law (advice relating to the operation of a business including leasing and taxation, employment law and dispute resolution)

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For Franchisors

We have the experience to work with its franchising clients at all stages of the franchising "life cycle" from opportunity assessment to deal structuring, to post deal issue management.

Our team knows a "partnership" approach is critical and actively encourages:

  • Multi-level relationships between the firm and its clients - even our support staff get involved by getting to know their counterparts and our clients.

  • Synchronisation of the firm's systems and processes with those of its clients.

  • Regular communication including matter status updates, legal news bulletins, workshops and seminars.

The structure of our team offers franchisor clients cost effective rates with access to specialist franchising lawyers. Contact Us to request a copy of our "Franchising Snapshot" which details our services through the franchising life cycle and our approach to: drafting Franchise Agreements and Disclosure Documents; registering, protecting and licensing intellectual property; advising on financial business structures and operations and mediation and dispute resolution.

MCW Lawyers is a proud member of the Franchise Council of Australia.

For Franchisees

We have reviewed and advised on most of the major franchise systems in Australia. We can advise and act for clients on resales of franchise businesses. We also advise and act for clients in the resolution of franchising disputes through the Office of Mediation Adviser and, where necessary, the Federal Court.

Referral Base

We have an extensive network of franchising clients, consultants, accountants, recruitment consultants, lawyers, marketing distributors, planning and mapping consultants and other franchising professionals.

Our franchising lawyers continually keep up-to-date with the trends in franchising by being actively involved in the Franchise Council of Australia and franchising networks, writing legal papers and articles and presenting seminars and workshops. The franchising team remains aware of emerging trends and issues in franchising.

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