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Mediation Services: Kendra Millar

Updated: May 24, 2022

We would like to introduce you to Kendra Millar who is offering services as a Mediator.

Kendra is a lawyer at MCW Lawyers, an Accredited Specialist in family law and an Accredited Mediator with the Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitration & Mediation.

While she appears regularly in Court, Kendra is keenly aware of the challenges parties face in the Court system.

Mediating an issue is a cost effective and efficient way to resolve parties' problems.

Although Kendra practices family law and can mediate family law matters, she is also accredited to mediate in disputes of any nature such as neighbourhood disputes, lease disputes and issues surrounding debt recovery.

To find out more and request a schedule of fees please get in touch with Kendra HERE or call 9589 6666 or, email


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